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Combination Trailer

The JBS Combination Trailer is a front runner in the industry, this fully welded heavy duty trailer easily switches from a manure spreader to a forage trailer. It is ideal for long hauls getting to the field and helps to reduce the amount of equipment you need. It comes standard with a Vertimax, with twin vertical augers and a hydraulic guillotine gate. The JBS Combination Trailer can spread up to 60′ and handle all manure types and other materials. With the capacity of the JBS Combination Trailer, you will no longer need to stockpile manure in the field to spread.


Length 30' - 40'
Width 7'4"
Height 4'
Level Capacity - Manure 900ft<sup>3</sup> - 1,200ft<sup>3</sup>
Heaped Capacity- Manure 1,125ft<sup>3</sup> - 1,500ft<sup>3</sup>
Level Capacity - Forage 1,125ft<sup>3</sup> - 2,400ft<sup>3</sup>
Heaped Capacity- Forage 2,025ft<sup>3</sup> - 2,700ft<sup>3</sup>

Standard Features:

  • Long lasting phenolic rear shaft bearings
  • Reversible cutters
  • ABS controlled brakes
  • Low friction 1/2″ UHMW floor
  • Spinner cowling
  • 3 sets WR78 floor chain with tubing cross slats
  • Steel idler sprocket
  • Removable bumper
  • 5/8″ auger flights

Optional Equipment:

  • Paint and decal packages
  • Vertical beater kick out for easy clean out
  • Multiple tire options
  • Hardox 5/8″ vertical beaters
  • Lift axles number of axles
  • Hurricane disc attachment
  • Barn door or swing tailgate
  • Wall extensions