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Wide Body Manure Spreader


Whether you operate a family farm or a large agricultural enterprise, JBS Wide Body Spreaders can handle all types of manure. Among the largest in today’s market, they come in tandem and tridem axle models, feature highly maneuverable suspensions, and boast carrying capacities between 46,000lbs and 110,000lbs. With our optional bolt-on silage kits, they are workhorses during silage season and ideal for stockpiling manure in the off-season. Able to spread all types of manure in all kinds of conditions, our equipment is built to handle any type of fieldwork you need done quickly and efficiently.

  • Hydraulic guillotine gate.
  • Quick-attach vertical beaters.
  • UHMW low friction hard-wearing plastic floor.
  • Official JBS premium decal package.
Optional Upgrades
  • Hurricane Beaters – Consistent and accurate spreading for low applications of lightweight and fine materials.
  • Hardox® Beaters- A wear-resistant steel that extends the life of your JBS machine’s beaters.
  • Silage Kit – Convert your Wide Body to a silage wagon.
  • Scale & Rate Controller System – For improved spreading accuracy.
  • Flight Protection System – Add extra protection for beater knives.

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Model Number VMWB2648-34 VMWB3048-36 VMWB3048-48 VMWB3448-48
Overall Length (in) 437 485 534 582
Overall Height (in) 145 146 146 167
Overall Width (in) 125 125 125 125
Inside Box Width (in) 88 88 88 88
Inside Box Length (in) 288 336 336 384
Load Height (in) 117 114 117 116
Level Capacity (ft3) 800 888 888 1006
Heaped Capacity (ft3) 975 1110 1110 1258
Carrying Capacity (lbs) 68,000 72,000 96,000 96,000
Empty Weight (lbs) 27,700 23,500 25,000 30,500
Box Construction 10 Gauge 10 Gauge 10 Gauge 10 Gauge
Standard Features
Suspension Spring Spring Spring Spring
Axle Tandem Tridem Tridem Tandem
Tire Size 750/45R-26.5 700/40-22.5 750/45R-26.5 750/45R-26.5
Tire Options  Yes No  Yes No
End Gate Guillotine Guillotine Guillotine Guillotine
Bulkhead Standard Standard Standard Standard
Hitch Type Standard or Equal Angle Standard or Equal Angle Standard or Equal Angle Standard or Equal Angle
Decal Package Premium Premium Premium Premium
Floor Chain Long-Link 5/8” Grade 100 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Galvanized & Removable Cross Slats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Floor Drive Dual Dual Dual Dual
Planetary Drive Optional Yes Yes Yes
UHMW Plastic Floor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Steel Idler Sprocket with Bronze Brushings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vertimax Vertical Beaters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hurricane Compost Attachment Optional Optional Optional Optional
Quick Attach Beaters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hardox Lined Beaters Optional Optional Optional Optional
Beater Protection Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt
Hydraulic Brakes Optional Optional Yes Yes
Steering Axle(s) Optional Optional Yes Yes
Rear Drive Shaft Diameter (in) 2 3/16 2 3/16 2 7/16 2 7/16
Optional Upgrades
Silage Kit Optional Optional Optional Optional
Wall Extensions Optional Optional Optional Optional
Scale and Rate Controller Systems Optional Optional Optional Optional
Flight Protection System Optional Optional Optional Optional