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Forage Trailer

JBS Forage Trailers are built to withstand the test of time and are customizable for your needs. They are available in a variety of lengths. The trailers unload quickly and come standard with a manual swing door, but multiple door configurations are available. JBS Forage Trailers are made for a smooth ride in the field and on the road.


Length 30'-52'
Width 8'
Height 5'-8'
Heaped Capacity 1,680ft3 - 2,912ft3
Heaped Capacity Extensions 2,160ft3 - 3,744ft3

Standard Features:

  • WR78 floor chain
  • 12 gauge walls
    Dural floor drives

Optional Equipment:

  • Multiple door configurations
  • Paint and decal packages
  • Wall extensions
  • Grain hopper
  • Hydraulic packages
  • Front fold down
  • Roll-rite tarp system
  • Aluminum wheels
  • 88K floor chain
  • Planetary drives
  • Lighting package