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We know that unpredictable anchor-packed silage isn’t reliable enough for demanding farmers – so our engineers created a better solution. Tracks on the Track-Pack® Silage Bagger serve two purposes: they keep you moving steadily on difficult terrain, while packing your silage consistently. This technology results in higher feed compaction. But what does this mean for your field? Silage has an extended storage life and produces less waste, keeping your feed healthier for longer.

  • State-of-the-art 100% hydraulic system, driven by a Caterpillar C15 540HP tier 4 power plant.
  • 5th wheel hitch.
  • Wireless controlled crane.
  • Widest and most durable feed table in the industry with over sized wheels.
  • Hydraulically driven solid rotor feed rotor.
  • Dual tandem axle air ride suspension.
  • Dual LCD monitoring system.

Reduced Waste & Improved Feed Quality.

Applying our proprietary cutting-edge technology to revolutionize the way silage baggers operate, this 100% hydraulically driven silage bagger has a Caterpillar C15 540hp Tier 4 power plant driving its state-of-the-art hydraulic system. Its solid rotor is driven by dual planetary drives and a rotary piston pump system that is second-to-none. Removing the high-maintenance items such as belts, chains and gearboxes from the equation makes the JBS Track-Pack™ the most reliable machine in the field. Its hydraulically driven tracks and on-board computer system remove all need for cables, backstop or anchors, allowing for higher densities and better feed. High-flotation tracks with optional steel cleats allow you to keep moving where others can’t.

Need a bagger that packs a punch? Well your search ends here. The JBS Track-Pack uses cutting edge technology to revolutionize the way silage baggers are made. This 100% hydraulically driven silage bagger has a Caterpillar C15 540hp Tier 4 power plant driving its state of the art hydraulic system. Its solid rotor (12’ wide for 14’ tunnel) is being driven by rotary piston pumps removing the planetary, belts and gearbox from the equation. The tracks remove all need for cables, back stop or anchors.

The JBS Track-Pack Silage Bagger has the best compaction in the business. A newly designed tunnel ensures more than 80% feed compaction takes place in the tunnel. Saving you money on plastic while making a great looking bag. A quick-attach tunnel extension along with the tow package ensures very quick set up and tear down on bagging site. The dual tandem axle air ride and 5th wheel hitch make this the easiest bagger to move on road. With minimum ground pressure, the JBS Track-Pack® Silage Bagger will be sure to keep you moving and leave the competition in the mud.

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Model Number SB1012 SB1214
Length (ft/in) 21’12” 22’5″
Height (ft/in) 12’5″ 12’7″
Width (ft/in) 22’11” 24’2″
Tunnel Size (ft) 10 or 12 12 or 14
Feed Table Width (ft/in) 9’6″ 9’6″
Rotor Packing Width (ft) 10 10 or 12
Tunnel Extension Yes Yes
Table Belt Width (ft) 8’6″ 10’6″
Collapsible Table Wings Yes Yes
Beater Bars 2 2
Body (Transportation)
Length (ft/in) 41’4″ 42’7″
Height (ft/in) 13’5″ 13’5″
Width (ft) 10 10
Weight (lbs) 56,000 64,000
Ground Clearance (in) 12 12
Hitch Type 5th Wheel or Pintel 5th Wheel or Pintel
Track Type Steel Or Rubber Cleats Steel Or Rubber Cleats
Engine CAT C9 415hp Tier IV Final w/Auto Reverse Fan CAT C15 540hp Tier IV Final w/Auto Reverse Fan
Motor Type Rotary Piston Hydraulic Rotary Piston Hydraulic
Rotor Solid Solid
System Monitoring Telematics Telematics
Joystick Control Auto Drive or Manual Control Auto Drive or Manual Control
Hydraulic Bag Pan Yes Yes
Tine Caps Yes Yes
Crane Control Wireless Wireless
Hydraulic Lift Jacks 4 4
LED Floof Lighting Yes Yes
Cab Features
Pressurized Cabin Yes Yes
Heated/Air Conditioned Yes Yes
Heated Seats Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Radio Yes Yes