A new identity
for a new future

J. Bond & Sons is now JBS Equipment

The agricultural industry is always evolving. You’ll notice that we’ve evolved too. We’re launching a brand new identity, helping to clarify our purpose and better serve our customers.

Internal Research

Understanding Ourselves

This project was more than just a redesign. We set out to learn about ourselves. We interviewed employees, and held focus groups with many different people, across multiple departments. We asked tough questions in order to gain a deeper understanding, and sought to use this information to clarify JBS Equipment’s vision.

Jim and Brayden Vanbezzoyen from Lethbridge, Alberta

Industry Research

Understanding our customers

JBS Equipment is driven by a vision to build high-quality equipment for the people that depend on it. But that vision only works as long as we’re listening to our customers. We spoke to dozens of dealers and farmers to understand how we can make their lives better through design and engineering.

What We Learned


High quality goes without saying

JBS has always appreciated quality. We take pride in our work and it shows in our product. As the industry evolves, this is now an expectation.


The agricultural industry is crying out for innovation

Often painted as small, plucky, hard-working family people, we found farmers to be much more: Agricultural business people with a love of technology. They’re looking for innovative ways to farm better.


Customer service is the most important thing

Equipment working this hard can break down. It’s no secret to our industry. It’s also no secret that JBS values customer service. We understand the importance of getting equipment back up and running as quickly as possible.


Everything should be simple

Part of innovating is being able to keep the end product simple to understand. We put incredibly technical equipment into the hands of farmers, but always focus on making it easy to operate.

Connor, Welder and Fabricator

Connor, Welder and Fabricator

Brand Positioning

Being true to ourselves

We dug into our employee culture and internal operations by having hard conversations with our management and their teams. This allowed us figure out what matters most to JBS and people that work here. We believe in building high-quality equipment and innovation in the ag industry. Our customers told us that our service is unrivalled, and our products are simple. This is our focus.

JBS Dealer Day, 2019

JBS Dealer Day, 2019


Teamwork happens through trust and respect.

Every JBS product relies on hundreds of moving parts to work. Our team is no different. We operate on trust, and gain respect through how we support one another. From accounts to assembly, the journey of putting a machine in the field goes through many hands. Each one is as vital as the last.


Quality is a by-product of pride.

Hidden welds are still welds, and if they have the JBS name on them they demand JBS quality. As does every other part of our operation. We hire great people and let them flourish, taking ownership of their roles and delivering to the highest standards of the agricultural industry. We are incredibly proud of our work.


Diversity is a JBS mindset.

Too often in manufacturing, operational efficiencies and production lines take precedent over employee fulfillment. At JBS we believe in supporting our staff in their overall health and wellbeing by offering variety in their roles. We’d much rather develop talented and varied craftspeople than repetitive task-doers. After all, variety is the spice of life.


The future belongs to those who see it coming.

It’s hard to say where the agriculture industry will be in 100 years, but JBS endeavours to be right alongside it. We don’t live in the past. We learn, listen, adapt and progress towards better products and a better future. We believe it is our duty to innovate and problem solve for the next generation, regardless of what’s around the corner.


Great design has purpose

Who said practical equipment couldn’t be beautiful? Through design and engineering we are able to deliver products which elevate the agricultural experience. Yes, they work flawlessly, but JBS machines also look great, resulting in a product that customers love having in their field.


Questions need answers.

Great products are nothing without great service, which is why we’ll always be there to answer customer questions. After all, farmers rely on our products to make a living. If you’ve purchased a JBS product and something comes up, give us a call. Any question, without question.


Advanced can be simple too.

We pride ourselves on pushing technology to the limits, creating advanced solutions to problems out in the field. However, we always have simplicity top of mind. No matter how technologically advanced our machines are, they will always be easy to use.


The most important opinion is on the front line.

Farmers are the bread and butter of our industry. They grind it out – all day, every day – and understand what great equipment really means. We’re not afraid to seek feedback on all of our products, and continue to make improvements by truly listening to our customers’ needs.


An icon as unique as JBS

We created an icon which encompasses our vision. A mark which symbolizes our craft. Our badge of honour.

The logo was inspired by a simple blade of wheat.

Engineered with precision, just like our equipment


Staying True To Our Identity

Our stake in the market is design, innovation and customer service, and our visual identity will live up to that promise. Beautiful photography, clean design and a host of supportive material, to help dealers carry the JBS voice.

Beautiful photography, precise layout

Clean, concise and simple marketing materials

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