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M-Series Manure Spreader

Introducing the JBS Equipment M Series Manure Spreader: the most compact spreader in the JBS lineup, and one of the most frequently requested.

Versatile. Accessible. Maneuverable. Reliable. The M Series is about to become the new industry standard for compact manure spreaders. If you’re a growing farm that’s ready to take the next step in spreading, a lower-acreage farm that’s short on storage space, or a large operation that wants versatility, the M Series may be right for you.

Featuring a compact design and low load height, the JBS Mini spreader offers maximum
portability, making it perfect for small to medium size farm operations. Engineered to be ultra-
efficient, it runs with less horsepower than our E-series, and has a unibody design that allows it
to be shipped in many different ways.


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