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Versatile. Accessible. Maneuverable. Reliable. The M-Series is about to become the new industry standard for compact manure spreaders. If you’re a growing farm that’s ready to take the next step in spreading, a lower-acreage farm that’s short on storage space, or a large operation that wants versatility, the M-Series may be right for you. Featuring a compact design and low load height, the JBS Mini spreader offers maximum portability, making it perfect for small to medium-sized farm operations. Engineered to be ultra-efficient, it runs with less horsepower than our E-Series and has a uni-body design that allows it to be shipped in many different ways.

  • Hydraulic guillotine gate.
  • Low horsepower tractor operation 90-130HP.
  • UHMW low friction hard-wearing plastic floor.
  • 3/8″ Grade 100 floor chain.

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Model Number MISP1636
Overall Length (in) 256
Overall Height (in) 98
Overall Width (in) 103
Inside Box Width (in) 64
Inside Box Length (in) 178
Load Height (in) 75
Level Capacity (ft3) 257
Heaped Capacity (ft3) 361
Carrying Capacity (lbs) 18,400
Empty Weight (lbs) 6,720
Box Construction 10 Gauge
Standard Features
Suspension Spring
Axle Tandem
Tire Size 500/50-R17
Tire Options No
End Gate Guillotine
Bulkhead Standard
Hitch Type Standard
Decal Package Basic
Floor Chain 3/8″ Grade 100
Removable Cross Slats Yes
Floor Drive Single
UHMW Plastic Floor Yes
Sprockets Steel Drive Sprocket; Nylon Idler
Vertimax Vertical Beaters Yes
Hurricane Compost Attachment No
Quick Attach Beaters No
Hardox Lined Beaters No
Horse-power (HP) Requirements 90
Beater Protection Shear Bolt
Hydraulic Brakes No
Steering Axle(s) No
Rear Drive Shaft Diameter (in) 2
Add Ons
Silage Kit No
Wall Extensions No
Flared Extensions No
Scale and Rate Controller Systems No
Flight Protection System No