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- SINCE 2003 -

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Reflecting back on the past 20 years, it is truly remarkable to see how far JBS Equipment has come. We have encountered our fair share of obstacles and difficulties along the way, but through unwavering determination and relentless hard work, we have managed to achieve remarkable success. As a direct result of overcoming numerous challenges, we have emerged as the leading manufacturer and supplier of manure spreaders, forage boxes & trailers, bedding flingers, dump wagons, and silage baggers on a global scale.

Our journey has not been without its trials and tribulations. We have encountered numerous setbacks and faced formidable hurdles that tested our resolve. However, it is through these struggles that we have grown stronger and more resilient as a team. Each challenge has provided us with an opportunity to learn, adapt, and improve our processes, enabling us to continuously push ourselves towards excellence.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, we have managed to carve a niche for ourselves in the industry. Our dedication to providing top-of-the-line products and exceptional customer service has garnered us a reputation as the go-to supplier for our agricultural equipment worldwide. JBS Equipment have become synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and durability.

One of the key factors contributing to our success has been our ability to stay ahead of the curve. As the industry evolved and technology advanced, we embraced change and invested in cutting-edge research and development. This allowed us to continuously improve our products, ensuring that we remained at the forefront of innovation. By staying abreast of industry trends and customer needs, we have been able to deliver solutions that exceed expectations and set new standards within the agricultural equipment sector.

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After years of working in the agriculture equipment industry; repairing, servicing and fabricating innovative agricultural solutions, Justin Bond decided it was time to officially open his own company, naming it: J.Bond & Sons


Justin started as a welder, fabricator and all-round custom manufacturer.

Blow Deck double drive irrigation reel built.


J.Bond & Sons took on a custom job for locally owned Denbow Transport Ltd. Engineering and manufacturing of the first Denbow Tipper Trailer, giving Denbow the ability to deliver bulk materials quickly and efficiently.


J.Bond & Sons knew the industry demand, what was needed, and what was missing. Hiring their first
in-house engineer, the team begins engineering their own products.


J.Bond & Sons first two 16ft single axle manure spreaders (Narrow Body) were manufactured, raising the bar and setting the new industry standard.

The dealer network begins and the first 2 Canadian dealers were officially setup.


J.Bond & Sons officially opened their doors to their first production facility.

Engineering of the first ‘HyDump Wagon’ began.

Enters into the U.S market.

First U.S dealer location setup.


After years of 2D design engineering, J.Bond & Sons evolves to 3D software to be able to accommodate more dimensional assets and planning, such as depth.

First pull-type Bedding Flinger sold.

Feed Wagon designed and manufactured.


J.Bond & Sons dealer network grows to 8 locations in North America.

Set-up of second largest U.S dealer.

The first Wide Body manure spreader was engineered and produced.


To allow for growth, J.Bond & Sons expanded and moved their operation to a larger facility with overhead cranes, to accommodate their demand and rising employee count.


J.Bond & Sons engineers and manufactures one of the industry’s largest Forage Boxes. At 9’ wide, the FB367250 raised the bar and set the standard.


J.Bond & Sons engineers and manufactures the first Combination Trailer; a heavy duty trailer that switches from a spreader to a forage trailer.

Scale options were added.


J.Bond & Sons manufactures the E-Series manure spreader. This quickly became the #1 best seller.

Industry standard agreement in place with Environmental Products Inc. (EPI).

Assembly moves into its own facility.

Opening of in-house painting facility.

Dealer network grows to 14 locations across North America.


J.Bond & Sons designed, engineered and released the Orchard Spreader.

First custom convertible B-Train trailer engineered and manfactured.


J.Bond & Sons engineers and manufactures the first tridem axle Low-Rider and Float-Maxx manure spreaders.


J.Bond & Sons release the prototype Track-Pack Silage Bagger for testing, becoming the only track driven bagger in the world.

Dealer network grows to 20 locations

across North America.


J.Bond & Sons in-field tested the Track-Pack Silage Bagger and set it into production with two model sizes, revolutionizing the way silage is bagged.


JBS designs and manufactures its first tandem axle D-Series dump wagon.

The Low-Rider manure spreader model line grows, adding the first tandem axle Low-Rider.

Designing and building of a fully customized 60,000 ft2 production facility began.


JBS added to the D-Series model line and released the quad axle dump wagon.

Moved into their new state-of- the-art facility.

1000th E-Series comes off the line.


JBS further expands the Low-Rider model line and produces its first quad axle.

In-field testing begins on the E-Series (4.0) and XL Wide Body prototypes.

Dealer network grows to 42 dealers with 112 locations across North America.