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Pull Type Bedding Flinger™

The JBS Bedding Flinger™ is available in a variety of styles for different farm’s needs. It can bed with sand, sawdust, or green bedding. It comes in a bucket mount, pull type or truck mount. The Pull Type Bedding Flinger™ comes equipped with standard heavy duty 88K chain, hydraulic front door to meter sand flow and high-torque motor for increased power and reliability. The discharge conveyor is bi-directional. The Bucket Mount Bedding Flinger™ is available in sand, sawdust, or green bedding models. The Bucket Mount Flinger is 6′ wide on the inside, has low friction poly flooring, a hardened cutting edge, and a crowned roller design.


Length 10' - 16'
Opening Width 66" - 73"
Height 4' - 5'
Beds 12' - 20'
Volume 172ft3 - 364.8ft3

Standard Features:

  • Discharges from both directions
  • Jack 12,000# spring-loaded
  • Adjustable convey angle
  • Recapped 285/65R22.5 tire
  • Spring suspension
  • Top opening width 66″ – 73″
  • All components hydraulicly driven
  • 18,920 – 40,128 lbs capacity

Optional Equipment:

  • Paint and decal packages
  • Tire options